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Czech Language for Evernote Mac




I cannot find Language settings in Evernote for Mac (last version). 
I use Evernote for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Evernote for Windows, Evernote web. All with Czech language.

Only Mac version is in English. How to change it?

Thank's Mirek

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5 hours ago, DTLow said:

There is a language setting in Account Settings763259370_ScreenShot2018-08-09at07_19_21.png.6018f1553eb15a310be4c21682380a82.png

Also the Settings in Apple > System Preferences

Thank;s, but native Evernote application for Mac don't have Czech localization. If I select in Mac OS X system Czech language, Evernote is all the time in english.

Why  missing Czech localization in Evernote for Mac if all other clients (Win, iOS, web) have it?


M. Fridrich

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2 minutes ago, MiF said:

native Evernote application for Mac don't have Czech localization

You've successfully posted this as a feature request.  

If you want to pursue it further, I'd recommend contacting Evernote Support at  Contact Evernote Support

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