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Going from Premium back to Basic

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I just got charged $70 for the annual cost to use Evernote Premium. I would like to drop back to Basic but before I do I wondered if there is a way to learn what my current note sizes are because I read that Basic has a 25MB note size limit. I understand they limit the uploads each month but I don't think that will be a problem. I'd like to analyze my current note size though so they don't get truncated if I change to Basic and the note size is considered too large. 


Does anyone know how I could check on this?





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Know that no notes will get truncated.1379715155_ScreenShot2018-08-07at07_31_16.png.5052fb059f8a7476af3d39335d9ee5dc.png
You will still have access to your oversize notes, but will not be able to edit them.

To view your note size is platform dependent.
On my Mac, I use top list view and have a size column displayed
On my iPad, I see the note size in Note Information


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...and beware that the monthly upoad limit is 60MB which is (IME) easy to exceed if you're using Evernote more than occasionally.  Going over that limit will freeze your account - least it did last time I got it wrong,  which was a while ago.  They've -allegedly- improved warning notices since!

Set up a Local Notebook (which doesn't use up your upload allowance) so you can dump new notes there if you approach your limit during the month.

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