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GUI NOT like the images on YouTube or Online

Guest Carrie


Guest Carrie

I'm using an iPhone (regular not plus) IOS 11.4.1  

I quit using Evernote and moved to OneNote years ago.  After watching some YouTube comparisons, I thought about giving Evernote a try again.  

My GUI does not look as slick and easy to use as those on Google Images or YouTube.  My screen is white,  not green.  I just have a VERY BASIC black and white list of my notebooks.  I don't have icons for Text, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Lists &/or the mic.  I also  don't have Shortcuts, Notes, Notebooks, Tags & Places down my screen.  When I start a note, I do have a camera icon, a microphone, scribble (skitch?) and a paperclip that goes to pages - but I have to be in a note to get those, I can't start with a pic and then name/save the note after.  I can add a tag or my place with an "I"  but I haven't looked at how to create tags yet. 

Is this ugliness because I have the free version and not the paid?  When I look at free paid comparisons, I don't really need extras, and $8/month isn't worth just the GUI...?  Do I just put away Evernote again, or am I missing something?

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I don't know what you've seen on Google or YouTube.  If you post a screenshot of what you're seeing now, we can respond better.

All account levels see the same version. There are differences with screen size and orientation.

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My guess is that the videos on YouTube are from a prior version of the client. It has been changed and streamlined.

In the current GUI, the green plus at the bottom of the screen has more than one function. If you just press it, it will start a new note. If you press and hold it, It will show you options for a new audio, photo, or reminder.

Adding a tag is done by tapping the "i" icon in an open note, and entering the desired tag

Here is a link with snapshots describing and pointing out where the things are that you mentioned in the iOS GUI




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