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Hi.  Evernote recordings should be easily exportable to other playback applications.  I normally record and playback in a couple of different apps so I

  1. don't run the risk of interrupting the recording when I look up other things in Evernote or try to add on-screen notes
  2. can pause the recording if I need to
  3. have access to other playback options including variable speeds and a timeline if I want to transcribe or edit things later
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19 minutes ago, pansovic said:

it would be useful to have a playback for for example 15 or 30s

Further to @gazumped's post;  As a work-around,  we have the choice of listening to the audio file with Evernote's basic player, or we can open the file with a dedicated audio player.  I'm not an Android user but the choice is available in most platforms.

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