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View PDF files as FILE not ICON



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Hi.  Mobile devices have to download note content to show it,  so showing icons means you can see your notes quickly but also that you need to wait to see the content.  If you convert your PDFs to images - JPG or PNG - you'll see the image in full.

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Do you know about how much more space would be used if a 400kb pdf was converted to a jpg? Or about how much more, comparatively speaking, percentage wise? Since I can’t find an option in Evernote to downsize a jpg, that would mean taking the time to use a 3rd part app.

Thank you for your time.  I’m new here and trying to decide if, in the interest of time,  I should just go back to One Note. Both iOS and Windows O/S Evernote apps seem so limited, and i can’t use Evernote app on my laptop due to device limit. Both iOS and web versions on Windows laps are so different! (And buggy As i keep discovering)  I use the web version of Evernote on my laptop. 

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22 hours ago, sharona said:

Do you know about how much more space would be used if a 400kb pdf was converted to a jpg?

Hmmn.  Impossible to say I think - if the 400kb is all text and needs to be converted to an image,  the resulting pages (you get one image per page) will quite big files - I just converted a 4-page 400KB PDF into 1.3MB of x4 images.  If the 400KB isn't yet searchable,  it's already an image,  so it would be about the same.

I was mainly thinking that if you're scanning these documents in the first place you could output straight to JPG.  ?

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