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In the last two years I have complained about Evernote losing notes. I have never known when the notes were lost until today.

I was adding stuff under the note Tim Pike. I had by phone in one hand and was typing. I think I accidentally hit two keys at the same time and the note went away. Total away. It is NOT in trash and I cannot search and find it.

This is an important note plus I need to stop this from happening.


PLEASE help me fix this problem.


Order number 2970986042310008284306 from Evernote

Premium plan: Premium Annual plan

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The master version of your note is stored on the Evernote servers, with copies downloaded to your phone and other devices.

There can be a device error, but for the note to be totally gone, the sync process would have to run; deleting the master version and all the copies.

This sync activity will show in your activity log.

You might want to contact Support and open a ticket.   https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

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