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Windows tablet / Surface user experience needs improvement




while I find Evernote incredibly useful overall, I am encountering some issues using it on my surface book in tablet mode,  which negatively impact the user experience. It would be much appreciated if this could be fixed in future releases:

- it is not possible to scroll the notebook or tag menu to the left with an upwards or downwards finger motion. The motion will select a notebook or tag instead. To scroll via touch one must hit the comparably tiny scroll bar and move it. I have normally sized fingers but this way of navigating really is extremely tedious and slow

- It is not possible to open the menu that usually opens by right-clicking a note. In tablet mode, this menu should probably open if a user taps and holds a note.

- the scroll bar to the right of the notes list doesn't respond at all (though its possible here to scroll up and down with a finger motion).

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I voted here,  even though I don't use or own a Windows touch device - it's been clear for a long time that the interface doesn't work well without a keyboard and mouse. 

I'd guess Evernote have it on their list somewhere,  but development for (effectively) yet another OS is probably not anywhere toward the top.  If I were in charge of their priorities I'd probably wait until there's a clear bump in the number of users asking for Windows touch-related features,  or a similar bump in the number of downgrades / cancellations from users who found alternative software. 

Otherwise I'd prefer to wait until we get all the bugs and a few new features out of the pipeline so we can convert a mature app to accept touch input rather than having to constantly update another product each time standard features are added / changed.

If this gets up to a 100+ votes in the top-left window,  maybe the developers will revisit this...

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And double clicking a word in a note to select the word is recognised as a right click, which brings up the right click menu every time. This bug was introduced a few months back and it's still annoying as hell, because you can't close it by tapping on the side as that will deselect the word again and the right click menu is blocking the access to the selection arrows..

Also when selecting a word using touch, it disables the keyboard which blocks keyboard shortcut use. This is also blocking productivity since touch gesture-keyboard shortcut mapping is no longer possible..

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