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Using pen in the Windows Surface app

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On 8/3/2018 at 10:08 AM, nabshire2 said:

Hi, I have a Windows Surface Pro 4 and was wondering if there was any way to use the pen tool within a Note?  I realize that the "Ink Notes" feature exists, but I feel like it is very limited.

Thank you

The ink note feature is indeed limited and it is not great. When I had an iPad Pro, I was using Penultimate app which would integrate with Evernote nicely and you would have all your handwritten notes in Evernote. Its interface is really nice too, you can select type of the page, zoom in to write more precisely etc.

I don't think Penultimate has a Windows version, thus I would recommend looking for an app similar to it and that would talk to Evernote nicely.

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last month I finally got around to having a Surface Pro because of the phenomenal pen.

Apart from the full-blown OneNote 2016 (available for free to everybody!) which supports OCR and exports to .doc/.docx and pdf I quite like Nebo (MyScript). 

I decided against subscribing to Evernote due to a number of formatting issues. 

Nevertheless, I would not want to be without Evernote, in particular the Webclipper which certainly outperforms the OneNote Clipper in some instances.  

Once clip is finished in EN I select page preview which in my instance opens up a pdf editor with proper page format control. I can then either save as pdf document or print straight to OneNote. 

For pdf annotation  I got myself Drawboard PDF. 

Maybe my still limited experience gives you some guidance and lets you find the tools to suit your requirements



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Thanks all - I have explored all of the options found at alternativeto.com https://alternativeto.net/software/penultimate/?platform=windows and none fits.  I am looking for a pen function in which I can write over photos, documents, and various imported backgrounds.  I am a teacher and have used Journal Notewrtier to do all of these tasks.  Journal Notewriter has been discontinued and while I can still use it I feel that it's time is running out.  I would like something that lives in the cloud (Google app?!?) and works seamlessly with both my Google Drive and EN.  Surely there is something out there.

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Evernote's lack of decent pen support is frustrating. OneNote's ability to ink directly, anywhere on any note is a huge advantage and it's the reason I can't get fully onboard with Evernote.

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