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Hi all, new guy here. 

I have looked through the forums but could not find an answer, I'm sorry if this has been asked before.

when I open Evernote the left side of the screen shows "all notes"  and displays my notes in an apparently random order. Can I change this so that it shows me a list of notebooks or stacks?

Thanks in advance


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You'll get more specific instructions if you identify your device/platform.1360755236_ScreenShot2018-08-03at12_29_40.png.2d6099f0c9f142940ae8c6d567a42ae7.png

On my Mac, I see three panels; sidebar, note list, note

I have options for the sidebar to display stacks and notebooks
The All Notes also has a dropdown arrow to display the same info

The note list sequence is not random.  I can select Title or Date sequence.



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Hi, thanks for your reply.   I am using Android on a Lenovo tab 4 and the free version of Evernote.

I have now worked out how to sort the notes, I know I can select notebook view from the sidebar but really want it to be on this view when I open the app.


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20 hours ago, john thingy said:

really want it to be on this view when I open the app.


I also use Android.  That's not possible,  sadly.  The Widgets supplied by Evernote do have a range of options for 'recent notes' and 'saved searches' for instance,  but there's nothing to display a list of Notebooks that I'm aware of.

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