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I have one table in which I try to add a new row below. I tried with right-click and add a new row, but nothing happens. I also go to the last cell of the table and press the "tab", and nothing happens. So It's impossible for me to add new rows.

I also try to combine two cells, but I cannot select them to combine.

Does anyone have this same issue? Any Idea about what can I do?

Today, I downloaded the latest version and installed. So, it would be not a version problem.


Thanks a lot


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What is your version number? In the Windows 6.14.1 beta release, I can select two adjacent cells using Ctrl+Click, and then clicking on the dropdown button that appears in th etable and selecting "Merge Cells" In addition, if I move to the last item of the table (bottom row, rightmost column), a Tab key will indeed add a new row to the table.


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