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Hello! I recently got a new PC, and after I log into Evernote on desktop, I get a pop up telling me to upgrade or unsync. I have tried unsyncing my old PC, and even got emails from saying "device is successfully revoked." But then it instantly pops back up on the desktop app saying the exact same thing. I have also tried logging into my account on the browser and tried unsycing my old device. But after a refresh it reappears again. Glitch? Or maybe I'm supposed to do something else? Thanks!

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  1. Go to your Evernote account on the web.
  2. Select your Avatar in the lower left, then settings.
  3. Select DEVICES in the Account Summary at the top.
  4. Select REVOKE ACCESS to whatever device you no longer want to have access.

With a basic subscription, you are only allowed to sync 2 devices at once, so if you remove all but one, you'll be able to add your new desktop.


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Thanks for the reply! However, I tried revoking all devices until I get this message, "No devices are associated with this account. You are currently accessing Evernote via web only." Then when I refresh the page or log back in, the old PC pops back up again, and the other 2 devices that I want to have access is gone (because I removed them). Essentially, I can't remove the old PC at all, but can remove my new PC and my phone (which I want to have access to). Can't get rid of the old PC :(

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It sounds like the old pc is logging in. Try changing your Evernote password on the site. Then revoke the old pc again. 

If that works, great. If not, you’ll need to contact support as there is something else going on that they will have to help with 

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On 8/2/2018 at 10:16 PM, Westley said:

Then when I refresh the page or log back in, the old PC pops back up again

Are you using the new PC for this, with the old PC turned off?

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I am having this exact same issue! I can't revoke my old iPad mini, whether done through my iPhone or the web interface. For example, on the web interface, it appears to revoke successfully, but when you list all devices again, the recently revoked device still shows up.

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  • Evernote Staff*

Hi all. I'm following up to confirm that we pushed a fix out for this on 03/27. Please let me know if you continue to encounter any issues with revoking a device.

@EdH I agree wholeheartedly. However, we have complications with how we do deployments that getting out hot fixes is not easy and also disruptive itself. So it's a balancing act when deciding whether to disrupt our users for a brief period of time to make the fix. As part of our rearchitecture efforts, we will be making changes which should allow us to deploy individual changes faster and independent of other changes.

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This thread predates the new clients, and a lot of other things. Plus it was solved and by this effectively closed by EN staff posting they had done some magic on the server - which was 3 years ago.

Chances are you don’t have „the same problem“.

So if you want any help, start a new thread, make sure you post in the right subforum (this one is for the old windows client, and likely not the right one) and describe what you want to do, and where it fails.

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