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Mysterious note appeared that I did not write

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Looking for some help, not sure where to turn to. I'm afraid someone might have access to my Evernote somehow. I opened up my Evernote today and noticed a strange note created on 7/25 that I had not seen.

The note was: "FScdjugddsaaxcuiopbbn. Hey B.B. uhh. Hurt"

I did not write this. No one in my household wrote this. When you Google this exact text, you surprisingly get several hits, most of which are Beavis and Butthead related.

I opened the history log and there is a helluva lot of weird activity on 7/25, but I can't make sense of it as I'm no coder. 

I'm so confused. Any idea what could be going on here??

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First, I'm sure you immediately updated your password to ensure your account is secure.

Do you have external inputs to your account, such as mail, ifttt, ....

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