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Former Evernote CEO - Phil Libin dieting

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A name from the past popped up on a podcast I was listening to. Here is a different perspective on Phil Libin's last years "biohacking" diet plan.

Other people, including medical doctors, have contrary opinions on his recurring 2 to 8 days of fasting program.


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I used to work with a guy who did something similar, he would only eat every other and was very selective on what he ate.

He was in great shape, he was an older gentleman but he also practiced Kung Fu. It seemed to work for him for sure. Not sure what he is doing now..or if he is alive :) 

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At least he's still not CEO - we'd have an Evernote Diet app by now.


Probably with photos of food you haven't eaten or something. I haven't really thought this whole product idea through...

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