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(android) How to record audio while driving

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Hi guys,

I am frequently driving and I would like to be able to get evernote to record a voice memo with as less steps as possible. While driving the google maps navigation covers pretty much my whole screen so right now, in order to get to the homescreen widget (which I have already set up as take an audio note), i have to manually get to the homescreen after which I have to press the widget. For safety purposes I would like to minimize the effort as much as possible, as to keep my attention on the road. So far the Ok google voice assistant doesn't seem to be able to call up the evernote voice recording option. Does any of you have suggestions on how to make the aforementioned work? I know that there are automation apps (tasker), however adding another app to the process seems more complicated. Also my phone does not support NFC so adding a sticky hardware button is not an option.



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