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Add "Windows Timeline" support, for note browsing history



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Any plans to add Windows Timeline support for Evernote for Windows?

Since Evernote for Windows doesn't have a searchable note history function (there is however a "hidden" non-searchable history function if you long press the back/forward arrow keys), I think it would be wise to take use the one already implemented in Windows 10.

I am constantly jumping back and forth between notes, notebooks and tags while reviewing old notes. When I have left one note for another it is sometimes a hassle to find and go back to the earlier note that I have been working with. This is especially the case when I haven't edited the note or just edited the meta-data of a note (tags etc.), which won't affect the notes updated time stamp.

For those of you not familiar with the Windows Timeline history retrieval feature here is also a short vid:



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I hope so. Definitely doable. Someone added an extension to Chrome so chrome browsing showed up in Timeline like Edge browsing does. All a dev has to do is plug into it.

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