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Longer Viewable File Names for Inline Attachments



I would like to see the full name of inline attachments. Or at least something longer than what is seen now.  The truncation experienced, like that seen below, is difficult to work with especially with a long list of documents.



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31 minutes ago, tsnouffer said:

Or at least something longer than what is seen now. 

My guess is whatever size is picked, there will always be someone requesting longer.

How about typing the full filename into the note contents

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I hear ya. I resort to typing in full names or descriptors when I feel inspired (and the list isn't too long). However, I'm interested in less work, not more. ?

I can think of some other approaches.

  • Make the inline elements drag-able so that one can extend them as long or short as one wants.
  • Have something similar to the Make Table of Content Feature where you select multiple inline elements and then the command generates the full text in a linking list paste-able somewhere in the note. I use this all the time for selecting multiple notes.
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On 8/1/2018 at 6:31 PM, Vincent Noel said:

Agree. I often cannot find the right file when there are several similar files in a note because of this. And there is a lot of space. 

Same here. I have lots of documents as attached, spending too much time to find the right file.

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