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ANSWERED How to change date and time for notes

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Hi, quick question; i'm adding Notes retrospectively and want to have the origin date associated with the note as opposed to the created date. How to do that?


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...i click on the i but i don't see all the options you posted and doesn't allow me to change the Created date


Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 22.02.40.png

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3 minutes ago, Russianrobert said:

...perhaps it's a Premium subscription feature?

Date update is a feature for all accounts.  But only on the Mac/Windows platforms.

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1 minute ago, Russianrobert said:

...okay thanks, so why isn't it working for me?

You're not using the Mac/Windows platforms.  You're using the Web platform.

You can download the Mac client software from www.evernote.com/download, or from the App Store.

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