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Evernote - Beyond Nvivo

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Hi All!

Have been reading through various posts where PhD dissertation work is the key reason for using Evernote, and a handful come from ex-Nvivo users (like me!).

The workflow makes sense to me using a coding tool to organise my notes on journal papers etc, however, the number of pdfs I needed to pull in meant that I was downloading/uploading 1gb + files to my cloud store each time I worked on it. Not sustainable as the literature review grows!

This brought me to Evernote. In one window I have my pdf open, and on the other side of the screen I pop up notes, copying and pasting important quotes etc. for citing later and using tags to categorise them in the wider context of my work.

Two items on my wishlist include:

- to be able to create internal links to specific phrases in a pdf (if uploaded to evernote)

- to be able to highlight pdfs without needing to go into the separate annotate pdf mode.

Are there any other ex-nvivo users here?

Thanks! D


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