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? Sync settings as well



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1 hour ago, MacherTV_Peter said:

Please implement a feature that my settings are also synced. I had to reset my computer this year two times and I had to re-think my settings every time. Settings are not synced it seems so. 

Thanks a lot, kind regards, Peter

Settings synchronization will certainly be a great option.  Presently, you can create the note containing the various screenshot of the Evernote Option Screens. In my case, I created the blank note called Evernote Option Screens. Then I accessed the Evernote options screen and selected the first option: General.  Since I use Windows,  I used Clip Screenshot option in the right-click menu of the Evernote taskbar icon, to take a screenshot of the opened options window while holding down Ctrl key, so the screenshot goes to the clipboard. 


After that,  I closed the options window and used Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot into the note. The steps from here are the same: Open options screen, select sub-option, take the screenshot, close options and paste the screenshot into the note. To give you more of an idea, here are the couple pictures of the part of my note: 



I hope I gave the clear explanation of the steps involved and that it will be in help to you. 

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I too wish sync'd settings were an option. They would have to do it on a per OS basis for those of us with multiple clients, but it is annoying to have to check/uncheck a dozen boxes after a reinstall.

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