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Evernote occupies 1.16 GB on my Android phone

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Is there a way to reduce the amount of memory Evernote takes up on an Android phone?

Evernote occupies 1.16 GB on my Pixel 2. 

I have two offline notebooks that take up 3 MB and 28 MB. 

I have 13,619 notes.

Any help with reducing Evernote's memory footprint would be appreciated. 

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On my Note 8, Evernote takes up 103 MB for app storage, 207 MB for data, and 493 KB for cache, totaling 310 MB. Not sure what all is counted in "data." My understanding is that, apart from offline notebooks, Evernote does not store notes on a mobile device, only an index, and it downloads notes as requested. I don't know how long a downloaded note is held after it is closed until its storage space is released. It may be that the index for that many notes is larger.

One thing you could try would be to temporarily make the offline notebooks synced notebooks, do a sync, and uninstall Evernote from the phone. Then reinstall it, and give it time to download the necessary data (i.e., the index). Then return the two notebooks to offline status, and recreate any settings that you had. That would be safer than doing a data clear, since I assume you'd lose the offline notebooks doing that. I don't know whether you'd lose them by just doing a cache clear, but the cache is probably not large in any case.

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7 hours ago, Coffee First Thing said:

Any help with reducing Evernote's memory footprint would be appreciated. 

By default, Evernote maintains a small footprint, accessing data via the internet.

An exception would be if a lot of data has been added without connecting to the internet and syncing.  The data is stored in a temporary cache on the device.

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