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Microsoft Store???



I'm an Evernote Premium user and I just bought a new Surface Pro. I've used the Windows client for Evernote for ages, and honestly I've always thought that it was a bit awkward to use, in several ways. I tend to use the Android client mostly, and just keep Windows Evernote around for the few functions it has exclusively.

When installing Evernote on this new Surface, I got curious about the version listed in the Microsoft Store v. the version downloaded from Evernote.com. l have heard many "guesses" about the difference between them but no one can give me a straight answer. The only thing l know for sure is that the icons are slightly different. ☺ l heard a "rumor" a while back that the Microsoft Store version isn't as good/is limited somehow. ? l actually just asked one of the Evernote "experts" at directly.com. . . she was very friendly and eager but she didn't know for sure what the difference between the two versions is either. She recommended I download from the website, since it's considered "official".

l took her advice, and now I'm running into several minor annoyances again, that kept me from using Evernote on Windows before this. I considered reporting each of them in these forums (tedious, but I would do it.) . . . and then l thought... wait, maybe the Microsoft Store version would solve the problems? I have a nagging question in my mind: " Is the Store version perhaps better designed for my Surface?"

The obvious thing would be to just try it... but I really don't feel like uninstalling/reinstalling before I just ask. Because who knows, maybe someone can just tell me what's up first. ☺ 

Really, l just wonder: can someone give Mr. Clueless (me) a clear answer on what the difference is, if any, between the two versions? And is one better for certain devices rather than others?


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They are identical. Evernote just uses a wrapper on their win32 version so you can install in the store if you are restricted to store apps (policy or S mode) or if you like automatic updates in the background. 

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17 minutes ago, gustavgi said:

If I remember correctly there are one or two minor functions that doesn't work in the Store version.

Very minor. I don't even know what enscript is.


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