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Repeated authorizations required for third-party app




I posted this problem first in the Integrations forum, but have had 0 replies.


I am unable to get a third-party app authorization to stick. See attached pic (this is only a partial list).

One of the things holding me back from considering purchasing is this really annoying issue.

Almost every single time I connect through Airstory, I have to reauthorize (again for a year). As clearly shown in my application history, it has been authorized incessantly. and none of these authorizations 179020252_Airstoryauthorizations.jpg.eb1c3e0c6804e8a53407116f90097ed5.jpgare even close to expiring.

What could be the problem. I have tried multiple different things:

  • Clean web browsers with no other extensions
  • The same web browser on all sessions
  • On Chrome and Firefox (in all ways)
  • Not clearing browser cache or cookies
  • Clearing browser cache and cookies

Any ideas? I have been over this problem from A to Z with Airstory support and they can't pinpoint any issues on their end. So, I am wondering if it's on Evernote's side.


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