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Feature request: User-created, sortable date tag

Liev B.


I am using Evernote for historical research. The materials I am writing about have dates of their own, that are unrelated to the date that I create or update my notes. To keep the historical timeline in order, it would be helpful to have a special user-created (and always user-revisable) date tag that the notes could then be sorted by.

For example: In January 2017 I  add a note about the Civil War. In April 2017, I  add a note about the Revolutionary War. In September 2017, I add a note about WW2. I then update the Revolutionary War note December 2017. If I sort by date created, the notes would be listed as Civil War, Revolutionary War, WW2. If I sort by date updated, the notes would be listed as Civil War, WW2, Revolutionary War.  I would like a sortable date tag that lets me tag the Civil War as 1863, the Revolutionary War as 1776, and WW2 as 1939. Then I could sort on this tag to get the list in the chronological order, Revolutionary War (1776), Civil War (1863), WW2 (1939).



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There is actually a subject date field;
I access/update it using Applescript

I prefix note titles with subject date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Notes can be sorted by title on all platforms


For dates prior to the common era epoch298220303_ScreenShot2018-07-13at09_43_39.png.b221690c6ff28ffe53abfb1dbca9e88d.png
I use -nnn aaaaaaa where nnn is a sequence number



I use primary/sub tags such as


This allows me to list a general timeline (tag:!Ref-Timeline*)
or a specific subject timeline, for example tag:


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2 hours ago, Liev B. said:

I would like a sortable date tag that lets me tag the Civil War as 1863, the Revolutionary War as 1776, and WW2 as 1939.

You could also try using the author field as a free form field for date / tag.  Add that column to list view and you can sort on it.  This is true for Windows and I'm assuming the same for Mac - not in front of that at the moment.

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I just put a relevant date in the title field.  My suggestion would be to create a note title with your periods of interest headings including the date - "1863 Civil War" etc.  If you need better granularity,  include as much date detail as you want - "18620307-8: Battle of Pea Ridge (or Elk Horn), Arkansas" you might use a tag for <Civil War> to define the overall period.

The first method has the attraction you can create a note listing all the possible main titles to copy and paste individually into your next new note,  minimising effort.  You could then add individual keywords specific to that note's content.

The second allows you to show all the main events in pure date order as well as by individual conflict name.

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@Liev B.Please have a look at 

I think your request would be covered by such a type of tags or properties (as I would call it).

@Any-Guru-here: Could you please change this thread to a  rateable request?
@All-users: Vote for it!



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