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Evernote Clipper for Outlook

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I have finally got to grips with Evernote and am using it daily and very successfully.  I'm using Evernote Clipper with Outlook 2016.  This works well but I have found it slightly irritating in one way, which leads me to a suggestion:

When an email, say, is "clipped" from Outlook into Evernote a copy is created of course, leaving the original in Outlook.  Would it be possible to add a function whereby the original email, still in Outlook, is marked by a symbol of some sort to indicate that it has been clipped?  I find I am constantly wondering if I have forgotten to clip an important item that I may have missed on a busy day.  It's irritating to keep having to open Evernote and search for an item just to make sure I have actually done it.  You can of course do it again to make sure without opening Evernote but 9 times out of 10 you then find yourself with 2 copies (or even more!) of the same email because Evernote does not tell you it's already there, it merely creates another one.  This is inefficient and time- and space-wasting.  It would be much more efficient to see an Evernote logo or something in Outlook alongside a clipped item.

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Hi.  I use various levels of clipping with Outlook and Evernote.  Clipping the email doesn't create a copy as such - it just shows you the readable content.  If you want to reply to it,  you'll need the original in Outlook,  or you'll need to drag and drop the .MSG file from Outlook to your desktop,  then into a note as well as (if you need to) clipping the content so you can see what was in the email.

This forinstance is how I deal with order tracking - thought in this case the item has been delivered - I just haven't brought the note up to date yet.


The 'order details' is the content of the original order,  the other email icons are the message files attached to the note from Outlook.  That operation doesn't automatically move them - the original is still there.  So I delete it,  once dragged across.  Double clicking the icon reopens the email in an Outlook window so I can read and copy or follow it up if necessary.  I have given up bothering too much with detail - this is a handy way to keep track of emails received and take action if necessary.

You need to have both Evernote and Outlook open to clip the content and move an attached email across into the same note,  but deleting the original is a fairly foolproof way of confirming you dealt with it.  - You'll see from my picture that the attachment shows the date you added it to the note,  not the actual date of the email.  If it is important I can add the email date to a heading.

In other cases where there's an ongoing thread with the annoyance of an increasing tail of previous mails growing with each new message,  I'll copy the latest email and drag and drop the file with it,  then delete from Outlook.  I can delete previous copies of the email from my note,  or leave them as a history backup.  If I need to respond in a timely way I'll use Outlook or Evernote reminding options to tell me when I should look at this again.

All that is a work-around,  and may need some major changes to fit your needs.  I didn't comment on the possibility of Evernote adding a flag because I don't know how feasible that is.  Outlook is a ...complicated product,  with numerous installed and online variations.  I'd think it would need considerable development to add your feature - and even Microsoft haven't cracked how to make Outlook work seamlessly yet...

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