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Issues with hanging / not responding for latest Windows App



Hi Would welcome any ideas to resolve issue with Evernote.

My Windows 10 Evernote app out of the blue stopped responding when writing  a note. Indefinitely hanging "not responding" and then crashing.

I removed the prior version, rebooted, installed the latest version (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) and rebooted but still having issues. 

Any help/suggestions are most welcome. 

Thank you



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Yes, I am  having the same issue with the same version. I  have had to terminate the app 4-5 times this morning in the first 2 hours of working. I have yet to detect any correlation to any it crashing with any particularly common activity I am doing. But I will continue to try to detect such a correlation. In the meantime, I am having to constantly terminate and restart the app. Very frustrating. 

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Is that with any note?  Even a brand new plain text note written from scratch?  If Evernote will start at all, go to the note list and turn on the 'sync' column, see if if any are marked with a dot, sort by sync a couple of time to see this.

If you discover a note with a dot that does not sync, you could try playing with the Ctrl-Help menu, specifically "Fix selected notes".  Back up the note first by copying it outside of Evernote, since doing this may cause you to lose the most recent data on the affected note.

This advice has proven helpful to some of us, but since it could lead to some loss of data, you may want to request Evernote tech support first just in case.

There are some notes with heavy formatting and graphics that can hang Evernote, but usually only for a short time, though a few of mine have done it for as much as 5 minutes, so I reduced the size of the note to deal with that issue, and in general I try to avoid importing stuff from the web with heavy formatting.

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