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Word - Article Linking



It would be very nice if we were able to make a word in a note clickable (like a link), linked to an article we had already written in the note or in another note.

Please let me know if there already is such a feature.

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Evernote provides a note linking feature.  It's only at the note level, not within the note contents
The link is in the form evernote:///view/1156250/s10/03dc319e.... and can be assigned to any word in a note

Alternatively, you can insert a keyword within a note; for example keyword_test
A text search for keyword_test will identify the note.   
It's not a clickable link; you have to copy the keyword into the search box

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Conceivably one could create an AutoHotkey script to do this, basically the script could copy the word, run a standard global search followed by a local note search on the very first note result.  This is in Windows, I am sure there are script languages in other platforms that could be used to accomplish this

In the mean time, seeing this discussion may prove useful: 


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