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Cannot indent checkbox with tab key

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Much like you can indent bullet lists with the tab key, you should be able to indent checkbox lists.  Currently, the only way to accomplish this is to use the Increase/Decrease Indent Level option.

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Windows? Mac? Web? Android? iOS?

Checkboxes are funny things; they're not really lists in the same way that bullet/numbered lists are; these are implemented under the hood with normal HTML list markup. 

On the Windows client, selecting a line or lines with a checkbox is much like selecting a line or lines of just text. Hitting the Tab key just replaces the selection with a number of spaces (simulating a tab char in a word processor or a text file). You can, however use Ctrl+M to indent a selection like thins, and Ctrl+Shift+M to undent it (there's toolbar buttons on the editing toolbar for these, but I have the hotkeys kind of hardwired by now)..

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I didn't see anything else like this when I searched for tabs and checkboxes.

I just noticed this today on Mac. When you have a checkbox as the first item on a line and you press the tab key, rather than indenting the checkbox, it inserts 4 spaces. In order to get the checkbox indented, you have to use Increase Indent Level. If this is intended behavior, would it be possible to someday get a setting to indent the checkbox when it's the first thing on the line? I tend to treat checkboxes like bullet lists where the bullet happens to be a checkbox, so it would be awesome to have bullet list indent behavior with checkboxes. I understand that I can just make a bullet list and then put a checkbox on it, but it gets pretty visually cluttered when there is both a bullet and a checkbox.

And also a setting to use tabs rather than spaces would be amazing :P

My Evernote version info:

Version 7.6 (457297 Direct)
Editor: 59.0.7031 (d523909)

My OS info:

MacOS Mojave
Version 10.14.1 (18B75)

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