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EN v 5.3.0
Mac os 10.8.5 Mt Lion
For a while, a couple years ago, EN went though a period of bug-infested releases (and fixes upon fixes) that gave me fits.  Then, the storm clouds parted and EN has worked flawlessly.  I have experienced no issues at all and this led me down the primrose path of letting EN go out of date: because EN 5.3 still works like a champ I am afraid to upgrade it.  The grim reaper is my Safari browser which is increasingly unable to open items on the web but I did not want to upgrade Safari because that requires upgrading to the current macOS which would require me to upgrade the current EN to run on the current macOS.  Well, the time has come to face the music.  Here is what I plan to do.  
Please help by suggesting a different workflow.  Thanks.
1. Sync EN
2. Backup EN data on my hard drive.
3. Do a clean uninstall of EN
4. Upgrade from Mt Lion to High Sierra 
5. From the Apple Store, download EN 7.2
6. Log into my EN account and sync (my thousands of notes will take a while)
7. Live happily ever after.
Will my current tags, notebooks, fonts, paragraph formatting all remain as is, or do I need to do something (in addition to prayer) to make sure that none of that changes in the new EN version?
thanks again
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If you use Local Notebooks, you will need a load step.
My preference is to download the version from the Evernote site (www.evernote.com/download)

I don't see any problems with your plan; the clean EN install is a good idea.

Good Luck.

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