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Scansnap ix500 problem

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Hi, I am trying to go paperless and have purchased a scansnap ix500, linking it to Evernote wirelessly. Tested it a few times and it worked so off I went scanning a large volume of documents.  Before shredding masses of documents I decided I had better double check everything is ok and found problems. On two early docs I checked a page is missing. One is a 2 page document which the first page is missing. The second is a 12 page document where 1-10 is fine 11 is missing and 12 is saved as a separate document. For both documents I have now rescanned many times and the same thing happens to both every time. I have even scanned the offending pages as stand alone pages and they are not being picked up at all. It’s as though there is nothing on the pages but they are both full of text and they appear to be the same paper as the rest of the documents. At the moment it means the scanning is pointless as I have to cross check every page is there and when I am scanning large volumes this is a non starter. The whole idea is to make life easy not have to sit and tick back pages each time I scan...

So anyone have any ideas or heard of something similar? Is my Scansnap faulty? I just can’t work out why on earth these two pages won’t scan at all.


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On 7/1/2018 at 1:50 PM, Dougall said:

Is my Scansnap faulty?

I'd recommend testing by taking Evernote out of the loop and simply scan to a computer.


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Good call to check the scans before you shredded the originals.  My standard process is to scan to folder on my hard drive,  and file the paper in a 'to  shred' tray.  I do any renaming or editing while the files are in my folder,  including (sometimes) scanning pages singly and merging the files in Adobe Acrobat,  or splitting one file into several.  (If anything can possibly go wrong,  it usually will... ;)).  On occasion I'll go back through my 'shred' tray to find an original and re-scan.  Every month or so I'll have a batch shred and fill a sack with bits.

The completed and edited scans go into an Import Folder at the end of each day,  and get sucked into Evernote.  (Actually I have more than one folder,  serving more than one notebook.)

I'm using a ScanSnap S1500 - the precursor to the IX - and from time to time I need to change the scanning process from PDF to JPG or HD JPG.  It does an incredible job and has processed tens of thousands of scans since I had it.  It's a good piece of kit,  but nothing is absolutely perfect.  If you're planning to continue processing large quantities of paper,  you'll need to adjust your workflow to allow for error checking and repeat/ correction operations.

Don't forget too that the device needs regular cleaning and dust removal.

If this is the standard Fujitsu product,  and not the special Evernote Edition ScanSnap,  Fujitsu have an excellent support team who can look into your issues,  and if this is a recent purchase you may be on your way to a new scanner.

I appreciate the eventual aim is to make life easier - believe me,  I started scanning into Evernote on a flatbed.  Sheet-fed is way,  way easier...  even with the occasional glitch.

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