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Notes from Web Clipper Not Syncing

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I recently did a clean install of Windows 10, 64 bit, and installed the latest version of Evernote for desktop. The initial sync went fine, and I can create new notes from scratch and sync them just fine.

I installed the Web Clipper extension for the latest version of Firefox and began to clip some notes on some web pages. These notes synced to the desktop version just fine initially. However, when I went to make editsto the tags, the notes don't sync! I click on the sync button in the toolbar, and the icon spins and completes its spinning, but I still see the blue arrow next to the note, indicating it needs to be synced. If I open the information for the note in question, I see the Sync Status as "Needs to be synced."

I experimented some more and noted a few things:

  1. If I make any change to any note that I clipped from Web Clipper (e.g. changing the tag, changing the contents of the note itself, etc.) that causes the blue "up" arrow to appear on the note, that note won't sync. I don't receive any error message; the sync icon just spins, lights up, then stops spinning, as if the sync was successful. But it wasn't, because the blue "up" arrow is still there.
  2. This sync issue only appears to happen with notes I clip from my Firefox browser using the Evernote Web Clipper. Notes that I create straight from the desktop application sync just fine.
  3. I took one of the notes that wouldn't sync (from Web Clipper) and copied its contents into an empty note I created from the desktop application. I kept everything the same, including the tags, and added the URL field as well. Lo and behold, this note synced just fine! ?

So again, it seems that notes from the Web Clipper just won't sync; the blue "up" arrow persists. Other notes sync just fine. How can I solve this problem? ?

I have already read the "How to troubleshoot syncing issues" web page located here. None of the solutions fixed my issue. I've attached my Activity Log to this thread.

I'm running:

  • Evernote web clipper version 6.13.2
  • Firefox version 61.0
  • Windows x64 build 1803
  • Evernote for Windows version


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Hi jefito,

Yes, the initial notes from Web Clipper appear in the Windows client. No, the updated notes aren't appearing in the Evernote web client. Once I make any modification to the initial note, I run into the sync issue. Here's the process:

  1. Clip article/bookmark/etc. using Web Clipper. The note successfully clips and syncs.
  2. Open Evernote for Windows. The note appears here.
  3. Make a modification to the note (e.g. change a tag, change the URL, change the contents, etc.) that causes the blue up arrow to appear (indicating the note needs to be synced).
  4. (Try to) sync the note. This is where syncing fails, but with no warning message. The note just doesn't sync; the blue up arrow remains, no matter how many times I click the sync button.
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  • 3 weeks later...

@fengjianyun Which version of Evernote did you update to? I was out of town, just got back, and now see that there's an update for Evernote: version 6.13.14. Is this the version that fixes the problem for you? I'll download and install the update and see if that fixes the problem for me. Thanks for your report.

Edit: It appears that updating to version 6.13.14 fixed the bug. I can now edit notes that I clipped from Web Clipper and have them synced. I'll report back if there are any other problems!

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My problem seems to be fixed.
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