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Question, how do you import a ENEX file directly into Evernote Business?

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As the title says I want to directly import an ENEX file containing quite a number of notes. When I import a ENEX file it seems that it gets imported to the Personal side and I have to copy it to the Business manually. But I want to import the notes directly into one of the notebook in the Business. Is this possible? Am i just missing something? Thank you very much for reading my question.

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On Windows, every import ends in a (new) personal notebook. I/we can live with that because it allows to adjust some tag- and other settings before moving the note(s) to final destination folder(s). Only disadvantage for me/us: Every new (even personal) folder appears as an (later empty) folder in admin's folder list and has to be deleted there...

We moved from Premium to Business directly without ENEX files because ex-/importing notes will loose internal references from note to note (while importing, every note will get a new internal id :-( )

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