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Google Sheets - link to open desktop note in windows

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I want to reference a Note in a clickable link in google sheets.

I tried two things with getting desired behaviour


1) Right click on note, Copy External link. paste into sheets cell. Almost works, however opens up web version of note

2)Whilst pressing CTRL, do the sames as 1).  I get the following my link evernote:///view/29783982/s241/36........

if I paste that in a browser bar, and presser return, i get desired result. However, if I try and paste it into insertlink in google sheet cell - it complains that there is a typo/wrong format.

Advice appreciated



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It's possible that links in Google Sheets/Docs/Calendar only support internet protocols e.g. HTTP://, HTTPS:// ...
and not in-app links.

You may have to followup with Googles Support on this.

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I tried contacting google about it but didn't seem like getting an answer soon. It would be lovely to have such a future available in the near term future. I'm running projects for my company using Google sheets a lot and I would definitely love to add a shortcut on my desktop for some of my notes on Evernote. Unfortunately I haven't managed to do it yet as I have managed to transfer important data from Google Analytics https://blog.coupler.io/google-analytics-to-google-sheets/ to my current sheets allowing me to have a broader overview of different aspects that are way too important for me to not have listed.

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