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Clipper Update : It Reset my Settings !

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The clipper was updated and it reset my settings.
Not happy with that : the defaults are "smart filing",  that put my capture in random notebooks, and i cant find my captures... 
It change the settings without telling... so i was using it, thinking it was the same before.

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3 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Try checking the Updated and Created dates of your notes for recent changes and additions.  Any new clips should be in there.

Thanks you, but i don't ask how to find new clips but i ask Evernote team to not reset extention parameter when updating... 

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1 hour ago, DjBea said:

Ok, thanks you !
But i think evernote team read the forum, if they don't : it's not serious ?

Sorry - my fault:  I gave you completely the wrong impression.  Evernote employees do read the forums,  but there's no timescale to that - there are thousands of posts but they all get read eventually. 

Evernote only very rarely reply to an individual post though - you've got us other users for that.  If you want to make sure that Evernote see your comment and respond to it,  then the Support links are the way to go.  If you're happy just for this to be a suggestion for the future,  then you already did that here.  :)

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