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(Archived) Evernote and Remember the Milk

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I am new to Evernote and wonder which options exist to

a) Use Evernote instead of RTM (means let Evernote just replace RTM and use Evernote as GTD tool)

:D Use Evernote jointly with RTM (means using Evernote as ab note-taking tool only and GTD as a to-do task planner)


P.S.: Nozbe is just too expensive, but if there is a cheap alternative between Nozbe and RTM I am interested, too...

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It would be easy to make Evernote at list a basic to-do list manager if they would allow to add to-dos to a notebook (instead of notices only) and to assign due dates and priorities.

Offering notification options would make the thing perfect.

Cannot be sooo complicated...

Does anyone know whether this will come?

Otherwise EverNote is not for me - at least not if they do not start to integrate with tools like RTM... (Nozbe is too expensive as said)...

There once was a tall called EverMilk, but development has been ceased...

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NautilusIII said:

It would be easy to make Evernote at list a basic to-do list manager...

Cannot be sooo complicated...

Otherwise EverNote is not for me

Here is some feeback I pulled from the Evernote forum which addresses the importance of prioritization.

R.T.M. vs Evernote performance and stability? It's an easy call.

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Dave Engberg - April 9, 2010

We plan to add the ability to specify a due date for a note, to sort the note list by due dates, and to be able to search for notes within a range of due dates. This would permit, for example, a saved search for notes with an effective due date of "today" or "this week."

We aren't building any advanced calendaring, schedule management, or notification interfaces into Evernote. But we do hope that this facility will be useful, and would encourage third-party developers to build specialized utilities and vertical applications on this framework.

update on July 23, 2010

[Will due dates apply to any note] I think the answer is "yes" ... the "due" date for a note will be an optional special field like the other ones you see in the header of the note when you show the information.

So you can say that any particular note has a date and time that it is "due", even if it happens to be a web clip or a picture from your phone. (The UI to actually set this field may not appear everywhere initially, etc.)

update on July 25, 2010

[specific Release Date?] This isn't imminent since we have some more critical client work that needs to happen first (for performance, stability and hardware compatibility), but this is planned after that.

update on July 26, 2010

We'd originally hoped to do this quickly, but it requires coordination across our platforms (at least the web service, Mac, Windows, and iPhone/iPad initially), and this can be tough if one of the projects is in the middle of something heavy already. In this case, we're doing major work on the Windows client for performance/size/compatibility that pushes the whole thing back for everyone.

(And, as noted, this is why we don't usually give out guesses for release dates ... if you had asked me in April, I would have said "within 2 months" and then looked like a jerk in July.)

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I'm trying to get a collaborative project going to integrate Remember the Milk with Evernote. Simply speaking, it's a website that uses the Evernote API to read notes marked with 'todo' (for example) and adds them to RTM as tasks. The web services make this sort of task quite easy, but it'd ideally be a nice end-user implementation that allows people to login / authorise the new service to access both accounts and sync them.

If anyone's interested, please let me know via http://code.google.com/p/ev-rtm/


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I hope you can get it going. I have no skills to offer to assist. I've been using reQall but am in the process of switching to RTM. Would love to see some integration.

Best of luck.

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