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Evernote Clipper versus 'Print Friendly & PDF'

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Here's a fresh tip for anyone who uses Evernote Clipper and are even a little dissatisfied with the results regardless of which 'article' setting chosen. I've found that by using the Print Friendly & PDF extension with Google Chrome browser to prepare a note, the layout results are much superior to the 'Clipper's'. Rather than using the 'Print Friendly' extension for printing, just choose the PDF button and then download the resulting PDF to attach to a new Evernote Note.

One of the things that Evernote is excellent at is displaying exceptionally sharp, smooth looking PDFs, and this is a major reason for bypassing Evernote Clipper altogether. I've done several Wikipedia and science page articles, and I can tell you that I'm never going back to Evernote Clipper again. This new way I've discovered is the cat's meow, and my web page notes look amazing now!?

Just take a look at these examples of how a typical Wikipedia article turns out, and the cool part is that all the links still work using this PDF method.

Jimmy Durante.pdf

Paul Siebel.pdf

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