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(Archived) Notebook name collation / sorting sequence

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Notebook names are sorted alphabetically:




Are there any non-alphabetic characters that can be used in the first position of a Notebook name that will cause the name to sort to the top or the bottom of the Notebook list? Back in the old days of MS-DOS, when sorting was done in ASCII numerical-character-code order, a hyphen would sort to before "A" and an underscore would sort to after "Z. If Evernote did that -- which it doesn't -- one could make the list sort like so (which might be very useful if one were a botanist rather than a zoologist):




As I say, that doesn't work -- and I'm not suggesting that it should. I'm just asking if there are any characters that would accomplish this; in my testing so far, it seems Evernote just ignores non-alphabetic characters in Notebook names.



ROBERT J. SAWYER, Science Fiction Writer

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ZOMG Robert Sawyer! Squee.

Ahem, anyway.

I'm using EN 3.1 on Windows - you're probably using a newer version. But, in mine at least (and on ipod touch, e.g.,) there are some characters that sort differently. Through trial and error, this is what I've found:

Sorting Order of Symbols in EN3.1 Windows

# Work Can't email into notebooks with this.
* Can't search for notebooks with this.
: Can't search for notebooks with this.
@ Can't email into notebooks with this.
- Sorted with its first character, i.e., makes no difference

Sorting Order in iPod Touch


Depending on what EN you're using, your mileage may vary. I'd suggest creating a few test notebooks and seeing what happens. Note, you might have to sync and/or close/reopen EN to get the notebooks to sort properly - sometimes just renaming it isn't enough to put it into its proper place.

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If Evernote did that -- which it doesn't --

Because notebook names are not case sensitive. Otherwise, you'd have a gazillion people wondering why their notebook "alpha" came after their notebook "Beta." Or people with multiple notebooks, when they didn't intend to do that. IE, Inbox, iNbox, inbox.

I preface all the notebooks/tags I want up top with underscore. Any I want at the bottom are prefaced with Z_ In this case, the Z just puts it at the end & the underscore makes the name after that easier to read. If you use a lot of notebook names/tags that begin with Z, you could try prefacing all the things you want to follow your Z notebook/tag names with tilde. I don't know if that mucks anything up or not.

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