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(Archived) Save searches open tree items - yuck



I've seen only old unconcluded threads, so I'm giving it a go.

I'm using Evernote for GTD; as soon as I'm convinced it'll be my new system, I'm 'going premium' (oh yeah).

The one pain I don't see a way around yet is that every time I hit a saved search, everything related to the search opens up, burying the search which is my most common section. This would be solved by any of the following:

Putting saves searched on top.

Hiding attributes/tags

making attributes/tags not automatically open up

My favorite: Putting a toggle in the search page to indicate whether a search should open other tree items/leave them alone/close them

Are any of these or any other option available? I'm constantly re-closing the tags drop down, which seems silly and wasteful.


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Yes, if you save a search that includes selected tags, the tree will open on the left to show that these tags are part of your selection criteria.

Thanks for the feedback about not wanting the tree to open in this case.

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