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Daily email limit?



Is there a daily limit for emails sent out of Evernote (free version)? I've searched the KB, these forums, the user guide and the web in general and haven't found anything that referenced a daily email limit. Yet while emailing a series of notes out of EN yesterday I received this message:

"Email limit reached. The email could not be sent because doing so would exceed the daily email limit for this account."

I thought I could just wait until today to continue to email, but I am still receiving that same message. I received the message yesterday around 10:30pm CDT. I tried again today around 8:30am CDT. I don't know how many emails I sent out of EN prior to receiving the message, but it was probably less than 100.

I'm using the EN Mac client v.1.10.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.4.

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AFAIK, there is no limit on the emails out, but can't swear to it. Are you emailing to another EN account that may have exceeded it's upload limit (which would encompass incoming emails, since emails are sent directly to the EN servers.) IOW, you can't circumvent the upload limit by emailing into an account.

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Actually, we limit the emails to 100 per day per account. (I.e. the number of message-recipients ... so if you send one message to three people, that's 3 emails.)

This is a countermeasure to prevent Evernote from being used by evil spammers.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I'm emailing so much because I had been using Evernote for task management and it just wasn't working well with the way I wanted to work. I have started (actually re-started) using Toodledo for task management and I'm emailing the task info out of Evernote to my email account and then emailing those tasks into Toodledo. For some reason when I tried to email from Evernote directly into Toodledo the note body did not show up on Toodledo, but it does from my email account.

BTW, I would love to see Toodledo & Evernote integration.

Is the 100 email daily limit also in place for Premium accounts? (looks like I didn't ask this one quickly enough)

Is the "day" used to calculate the daily limit just a 24-hour period or does the "day" start and end at a specific time?

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I think the limit is the same for Premium, but that's a good suggestion to make it higher for Premium (e.g. 1000 per day). I doubt anyone is going to use us to send out spam by first paying us $5 first for an account.


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I have the same problem, yet I do not send out more than 100 mails a day. I have had this problem since Thursday (7/12/2012) and I even 'reset' my email per Evernote support team suggested. This morning, I tried to send an email from Evernote and I got the 'Email limit reached. The email could not be sent because doing so would exceed the daily email limit for this account' message.

Is there anyone knows how to solve this problem? Obviously, Evernote support team does not know how to solve it.


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Over the last two weeks, my ability to email notes from my account has decreased dramatically. I have two meeting agendas that I send once a week; one goes to four recipients and the other to 17 recipients. I used to have no problems sending both, but now the second one tells me that I have exceeded my maximum number of emails. What gives? There is nothing in the knowledge base regarding a limit on the number of outgoing emails, only incoming, which is perfectly understandable. An outgoing limit is understandable as well, but not being able to send just 21 emails...really?

I've been a loyal Evernote user (and yes, it's a free account but they spam me with advertising so I figure we even) for the last three years and have found the service to be very helpful and unmatched...until now. If there is a limit, please tell us what it is. It's obviously very small, that's for sure. Looks like I'll have to move to Google Docs :-(

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Each recipient counts as 1 email, so you're correct, that would mean you're only sending 21 emails.

Something else might be going on here. I'd file a support ticket.

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Do we know now what the daily email limit for a free user and a premium user is?

As it is 2013 and this posting was in 2010.

I couldn't find an update on this as a free user I got hit with a "Daily email limit reached" and wouldn't mind considering to upgrade to Premium only if either the daily email limit is null or a bigger limit.




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