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Thank for reporting. I found that newly created tag(s) from desktop client do not update in the Android client right away. I logged a bug for it.

For the time being, try to logout and log back in to see if the missing tags show up.

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That work around did the trick. Thanks.

A couple things I noticed......

When I tried to sign out, the sign out box appeared and never went away. I had to use a task killer to shut down Evermore.

Also, when I signed back in again, the select tags button didn't do anything. I had to go to the main screen, browse my notes, then when I brought up the select tags button it showed my tags (including the new tags).

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I encounter the same problem on my Hero

I cannot slect tags. The button doesn't do anything anymore. Not when creating a new note, not when appending one.

Unfortunately, the proposed workaround didn't work for me.

Best Regards,


build 1.4.1.B4 (92413)

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