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Default Font Size and Style



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I will vote this up as well, since it seems that Evernote does not always use the default font.  Not sure why, since I use Ctrl-Shift-V 95% of the time, but in general I find font management a pain in Evernote.

I used to do housecleaning on some of my notes by copying the entire thing to Notepad, deleting the Evernote version, and then pasting back to a fresh Evernote note, but over time graphics and URLs made that option less appealing.

I do find though, that if I 'select all' a note in Evernote, and change the font, new lines can still somehow be pasted as a different font.  It must be buried in the formatting somewhere.


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It depends on what is already contained in the note. If there are any other fonts used (in the paragraph before ore after the paste position), then EN might use that font for the inserted text :-(

My "housecleaning trick" is to select all text (Ctrl-A), then click simply the font and font size choosers, close both by hitting ESC. This works only if EN shows your default font already in the font field (which is the case in 99% of my notes ;-)



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