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MacOS All Notes not listing all notes, subset only

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I am running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5, and Evernote 7.2.1 (App Store).  On my iMac, when I select All Notes, only a subset show (43 show out of 401 total).  All the individual Notebooks show that all the notes are there correctly (i.e. not been lost/deleted), but they fail to list in All Notes.  On my Macbook there is no issue, all the notes show fine.

I have tried all the usual reboots/restarts but makes no difference.

Any ideas?

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Press Alt and select the Help menu - Troubleshooting - Recreate Full Text Index Search

That should rebuild your index so that searches (All Notes is a search that returns all notes I reckon) will complete correctly.

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Wow.  Many thanks, that sorted it.  Seems slightly crazy that "All Notes" is a pre-built search, but there we go.  Also good to know about the Troubleshooting menu.  Thanks again for your help.

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