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Selection control within tag renaming fields



Within the rename tag dialog, should the user highlight the entire text of the tag and then type the left arrow key, the current behavior relocates the cursor one character to the left.

Windows gui convention suggests the cursor should relocate to the beginning of the selected text, not one character within the selected text.

i.e. when renaming a file in Windows explorer, if the text of the filename is highlighted and the left arrow is pressed, cursor goes to the beginning of the text string.

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  • Evernote Employee

Not true. It has to do with where the current cursor location is, regardless of selection. For instance, open Notepad. Type some random text. Click in the middle. Shift+RightArrow to select some text. Left-Arrow. Notice the cursor is near the end of where the selection was. (The renaming control is a standard Windows Edit control. It works how Microsoft defines it to work)

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