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Turn OFF Business Card prompt?

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I don't use the business card function in Evernote but I DO use the Android camera scanning widget a lot.  I find it frustrating when scanning a business card (or something that kind of looks like it might be a business card) and I am prompted to select what kind of document I want to save it as because the app thinks it's a business card.  I don't use the business card function so I'd really like to just bypass this prompt altogether.  In my mind, if I have the app set to document then it's a document (automatic mode).  If I have it set to "mountain" then it's a plain photo (manual mode).  I've already told it what the type is.  There are far too many clicks and taps as it is to get a note saved.  Did I mention that I don't use the business card function in Evernote? 


Here's a thought, make business card one of the settings in the upper right corner of the app.  Instead of "automatic mode" and "manual mode" there can be 3 and you call them "Doc", "Bus" and "Mountain". Then, if you are scanning a business card you can tell it so even before taking the pic.  Then it won't have to prompt us about saving it as a business card.  





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I found this thread after googling this exact issue. I don't want the business card function, and I find it quite disruptive that I have to tap away a pop up asking if I've scanned a business card. I love the automatic scanning and cropping feature, but I just scanned two cards front and back that I simply wanted to be recognized as basic images in a note, so I had to tap away a pop up screen four times asking if I was scanning a business card.

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