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Sharing and Notifications



If I share a document with someone, I know that when we are both working on it at the same time, one person will not be able to edit while the other is editing. That's not the issue. When I am finished with editing a note that maybe the other person isn't even working on, I would like the ability to be able to notify them that the note was updated. This could be a popup window that is displayed when the note is closed (if it was open in it's own window). Whatever the trigger, it would give me the following options:

  1. Notify the other users by email
  2. Notify by Evernote Chat message
  3. Notify by text message
  4. Do not notify, only show file update

The #4 option is included regardless of what the user does. It would be an update time stamp that appears in the UI some where. Further, currently, if a document is being shared, there is text below the title that states so. What if we put the time stamp there and move the sharing info to an icon. See illustration below.1015891612_ScreenShot2018-06-20at10_53_43AM.thumb.png.5a9921bc7e09c19e30ef61fe6f5519b7.png

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