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SD Card access on a phone without an SD card?

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Hello all

I'm using a Oneplus 3T. These phones have no SD card slot, just internal memory, which is not standard for Android but also not uncommon.

When I try to edit a picture and save it into a note, Evernote wants me to allow SD card access. However, I have no SD card. The only option that appears is internal storage, and when I select this it tells me I've failed to select the SD card.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Hi.  Android's storage environment is very mysterious and powerful feature whose mystery is exceeded only by its power.  ;)

Some internal storage may be allocated as 'USB storage' or 'emulated' external storage on different devices or OS versions.  The architecture seems to depend on the Android version and whatever spin your device manufacturer may have added by way of bespoke features.  Welcome to the realities of coding for Android!

I'd suggest you contact your network provider / Oneplus support and see whether they have any suggestions.  (If they do,  please post any solutions back here!)

Possible workarounds,  pending another Forum member / OnePlus user chiming in,  would be:

  1. Use a different photo editor
  2. Save the original picture into a note and edit it afterward. 
    (If that's what you're already trying,  use a photo editor first...)
  3. As 2 but use a desktop editor later
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