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Can't take screenshot with skitch mac app

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I am having the same issue today after updating my mac to High Sierra 10.13.5. Click Screen Snap or Capture > Crosshair Snapshot and nothing happens. I had to force quite the app to reboot it and it still is not working.

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I just fixed this today...

You need to take Skitch to the trash>Empty trash>restart computer>download Skitch into Applications>Open Evernote and sign in.

Luckily, you can restore all your notes (or should be able to)

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I just had the same issue now and I was able to resolve it by moving the Skitch file to the "Application" folder in MAC.

If you launch the app not from the "Application" folder it will not work. Seems like there is a requirement to have it in the "Application" folder in order for it to work accordingly.




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My Skitch is in Application folder (and was there). I tried to sign out of account, remove the app and re-install from App Store. It didn't help. Neither hotkey, nor button in the app works. No fullscreen capture, timed capture or region capture.   The app is whitelisted in Security & Privacy > Screen Recording. Now Skitch is useless :(

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