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Strange behavior when not active on Evernote for a while

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When not active in Evernote for awhile (e.g possibly between 10 to 60 minutes), Evernote pushes out of my note and out of notebook into “All Notes”, instead of staying in the note that was being edited. Ideally it should stay on the note or at least allow the user to configure the desired behaviour e.g.

  • default = go back to last edited note; or
  • default = go back to list of notes; or
  • default = go back to list of notes in your last edited notebook; or
  • default = go back to list of notes with tag = USER_SELECTION
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I've noticed the same issue. Other note apps like Apple Notes stay with the user's most recent view, which I agree would be more helpful. 

There are a lot of little potential UX improvements which could be made with the Evernote interface. 

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