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Evernote for Job Search record keeping

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I've been using Evernote to keep track of my activities related to a LONG period of job searching. I set up one Job Search notebook, within that I have a note entitle Daily Job Search Journal which is a LONG continuous compendium of daily (nearly) activities for the last 4 years. Each day is dated, followed by a bullet list of "spoke with Name with Company regarding an Opportunity in City" and other variants for emails (sent and received), applications submitted, resumes sent, and rejections received. The note is HUGE. The rest of the notebook is full of clipped job descriptions.

Does anyone have a better model for doing this? I suppose I could create a link in the journal that points to the clipped job description, but I haven't bothered. I suppose I could also keep a resume and/or cover letter in the notebook so it is at my fingertips should I meet someone interested in seeing (or receiving) it....

Any suggestion(s) would be welcome.


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