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Bookmarking Issue


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I've noticed recently that Evernote will not bookmark some pages.  When I try to create a bookmark for a problem page Evernote appears to "hang up" and I have to cancel out of it.

As an example, the following site bookmarks OK:


But the following page, which is associated with the same site does not bookmark:


I would appreciate it if someone could confirm that they are experiencing the same problem.  Any ideas as to how to correct it would be appreciated, as well.




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Yes.  I meant the Clipper.  Sorry that I didn't make that clear.

When I click on the Web Clipper I see 5 options:  "Article", "Simplified Article", Full Page", "Bookmark", and "Screenshot".  The "Full Page" and "Screenshot" options appear to work correctly but the others do not.  I find it particularly odd that two different pages on the same site produce different results.

As I mentioned this has occurred on sites other than the one I provided as an example. 


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