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Internal link to Notebooks



So I know how to right-click on a note and select Copy Internal Link to paste a link to said note inside another note.

But now I want to paste a link to an entire Notebook instead of particular note. Can we have a 'Copy Internal Link' option on the right-click menu for Notebooks?


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The best you can do in the current UI is to have a link in the Shortcut section.1504727357_ScreenShot2018-06-15at15_07_30.png.b93f13ee73b49b41884f5ab1a3204121.png

Another solution is to include the search parameters in a note
For example:      notebook:aaaaaaaa
This can be copy/pasted into the search box
This is a working example from my records525742262_ScreenShot2018-07-17at22_37_50.png.f5d14904c9f785f92431ea0a90ba0b47.png

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